I attended the International Relations programme at the School of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP), Lisbon Technical University. I later graduated from Aberystwyth University, in International Politics with a concentration in peace and conflict studies, and completed a Master’s in International Development at York University, Canada.

The exploration of Cape Verdean identities has been one of my research focuses for over a decade. I eventually merged this line of work with a focus on migration, in what would become the very successful subject of my postgraduate thesis. For two years thereafter, I accumulated mileage on the project, presenting it in conferences around the world, and publishing in major journals. It eventually became a book, referred to as ‘mandatory reading for policy-makers’, listed in curricula, and translated into three languages.

Most of my published work revolves around migration, human rights, and border narratives in Africa, but I have increasingly turned my attention toward memory, trauma, peace building and post-conflict reconstruction.