I have been involved in community service since age 15. In those early years I volunteered or fundraised primarily with environmental organizations such as Coastwatch Europe, Grupo Lobo, ASPEA, the Blue Flag, and the Foundation for Environmental Education. Environmental sustainability remains, since then, a major concern of mine. Two decades later, community work has become second nature, and the lines between volunteering and my professional vocation as a development practitioner have often been blurred.

Since 2006, I have focused on human rights protection, capacity building and empowerment projects with civil society organizations in West Africa. I am a board member of the Association for Cooperation with Cape Verde, and of the Cape Verde Institute for Policy Analysis.

Cooperación Galega, the Spanish Cooperation Agency, NEPAD, and ECOWAS, among others, have financed project I have been directly involved in managing.

In recent years I’ve fundraised for a variety of charities, including Red Door Shelter, YMCA, and Habitat for Humanity; in 2011 I ran a half-marathon on behalf of Nellie’s Shelter, in Toronto, Canada.